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Santa Claus in Fairytale Land

Santa Claus visit in “Fairytale Land”


The long-awaited day had finally come. On December 6, 2013 Santa Claus visited a Non-Public Nursery ‘Fairytale Land’ in Konskie. As it turned out, Santa Claus did not arrive alone. He was accompanied by his lovely lady helper — Snowflake, who helped with handing out the gifts to our children.

 From the early morning, with great anticipation, all children kept looking at the door and listen for the sound of the bells.

 Santa Claus did not disappoint or kept us waiting. He arrived to our nursery right in the morning. Before he took his seat, he was invited to see an exhibition of our children’s art work. He seemed to really like it as the smile never left his face.

 Our guest first greeted the youngest group of children — ‘The Sunshines’. The children had prepared a poem and a song, which they bravely sang, and of course they prided themselves on being very good and well-behaved. Santa Claus rewarded them by giving each child a wonderful gift. Unfortunately, he had to say goodbye to the ‘Sunshines’, as the time had come to visit the children from the groups of ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Ladybirds’. The older children also welcomed him with a song and poem. All gathered were filled with an extreme joy and happiness. Pupils warmly thanked Santa for the gifts received and invited him to visit them next year.

 Our pupils could not stop themselves from sharing the joy and excitement that the Santa’s visit had brought. They kept checking their gifts, they peered through the window, hoping to once again see Santa and be able to wave goodbye.


‘The Sunshines’ with Santa Claus


DSC 8946


.….    and ‘The Butterflies’ and ‘The Ladybirds’

DSC 9092